Getting Started

  1. When can you review my resume?

    • Under normal circumstances, I need 24 hours to review and respond.                                                             
  2. I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.  How can I update my resume?

    • You have a few options:

      • Update your resume following your current career path/roles. Sometimes doing that helps clarify what you really want to do.  

      • Update your resume for your dream job emphasizing your transferable skills.  Sometimes doing that helps clarify if you really want to do something.

      • Don’t update your resume until you are clearer about your career direction.

  3. Why should I pay someone to write my resume?  I know my experience better than anyone else.

    • Of course you can write your own resume.  

    • Having a professional write your resume assures that you will have the proper format, the strongest language and the correct key words for the role to which you are applying.  I stay connected with the latest groups and professional opinions on resume development.  I follow other resume writing services too for the latest conventions and rules.  

      • I know several situations where applicants were immediately rejected because they started the resume with an Objective.  

    • It also means at least 2 other people besides yourself will see the resume from a technical perspective, ensuring you have the strongest resume possible.

    • I have been told by an hiring director that my resumes are better than 95% of the resumes that come across his desk.

    • A recent client was told by the company that hired her that her resume was the best they had ever seen.

  4. Did I read a blog post by you that said you liked to write resumes?

    • First, thanks for reading my blog.  Second, yes, I did write that because I do enjoy writing and editing resumes.  

The Process

  1. How long will it take to update my resume?

    • Of course, everyone’s situation is different.  In general though, it takes about a week from the first draft to get to a final version.  

  2. I need my resume updated for submitting an application on a post that is about to expire.  Can you help me?

    • I understand that it helps to be ready when that opportunity comes along.  I am willing to look at the scope of changes and the job description and let you know what is possible.  In general, though, this is not the best way to update your resume.

  3. Why do you need to write so many drafts?

    • In my experience, having more time to develop the resume, tweaking words and format as we go along, results in a better final document.  While each person’s situation is different, we usually end up writing 2 or 3 drafts before a final version.

  4. When do I pay?

    • I invoice through an online tool that will send you an email link to the invoice.  From there, you can choose to pay online through PayPal.com or choose to mail a check to me at the address on the invoice.

Preparing To Look For A New Job

  1. Do I need a cover letter when I submit my resume?

    • That depends.  When it is required, the job posting will state to include it.  If you are sending your hardcopy resume to a job posting, then you should include a cover letter.  If you are submitting your resume online, it is only necessary when it is included in the requirements for applying.

    • The cover letter should be written in proper business letter format.  That includes having an inside address, date and letter recipient information.  You should sign the letter in ink before sending it.

  2. I’ve never written a proper cover letter.  Can you help?

    • I write cover letters for $40.  I try to leverage experience/skills from the resume without repeating what the resume already says.  

  3. I haven’t had to look for a job in [insert time frame here] and I don’t know what I have to do.  Can you help?

    • First, sign up on LinkedIn.com.  It is the corporate networking site