Why Hire Me To Write Your Resume?

Of all the people available to write your resume – why should you choose me?

To begin with, I taught high-school English for almost a decade –  and of course, I taught resume-writing to my students.  Now that’s a pretty good reason just on its own, but there’s more.  I followed teaching by a move to the corporate world, working first in project management, and then moving on to write computer user- and computer developer-related specifications.  My job at that point was to take very dry information and present it in a way that others could understand and use.  And, it turns out, I loved the work!  That is why I chose to be a professional writer.

So there is your second reason to hire me:  I like what I do!  I get a great deal of satisfaction from creating a quality resume.  Who cares what I like or don’t like?  Well, try this.  Think about the last time you met someone who really liked his or her job.  Perhaps it was the woman who works at the fresh fish counter at the grocery store who likes to suggest meal ideas and lets you know what is newest, freshest and the best bargain.  Perhaps it was the new marketing director who landed his dream job and it’s living up to his expectations.   Perhaps it was the friendly chef selling French pastries baked in her own kitchen.  These are real examples of people I know who love their jobs.  Not only do I believe that they are the best at their jobs, I have seen them work hard to please the customer.  Their enthusiasm and drive comes naturally from loving what they do.

Still need a reason?  Well, because my resumes have strong, focused format and content, my clients consistently get called for interviews.   In fact, I tell my clients to let me know if they don’t get interviews.  I haven’t had one who had to call yet.  That’s because I review the job sites thoroughly so I can include the appropriate key words for the hiring HR department; I interact with other resume professionals through LinkedIn for industry updates; I search the internet and implement the latest job search and career advice, ideas and strategies.  I filter out the noise and save only the most important and useful ideas.

Lastly, if the great content and an attention-getting format isn’t enough for you to consider my resume services, let’s try one more reason:  I have an independent third-party review the final resume to ensure that no errors, typos, spacing, or other issues have crept in during revisions.  Those small mistakes are enough for a resume to be tossed in the first pass-through.  With this extra review, you get added an additional assurance of quality.  So you have the best ammunition for your job search.

Everyone should have an up-to-date resume just in case an opportunity arises.  You never know when it could happen. Don’t you want to be ready?  Let me help you.  You’ll thank me later.

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