Update Your Resume This Weekend!

Today, I posted on Facebook a list of 15 companies around the country that are hiring right now.

I talk to people all the time who are unhappy or want more from their careers. I usually will ask if he or she has an updated resume. And if he or she doesn't, I say get one!  I also mention that if the resume has an Objective, get it off of there ASAP!  Nothing will date your resume more than having an objective.  I still see sites that show Objectives in resume examples; one medical field discussion group had a bunch of respondents insisting a resume must have an Objective.  (I imagined that those folks were also looking for a job. They knew this secret, and wanting to thin the herd, as it were, were "helping" to get those folks tossed first.)

Having a current resume means you can immediately produce it for any opportunity when that opportunity arises. Sure, you could spend the weekend rushing to get something ready, but it probably won't be your best work because you'll likely forget some items and then under pressure to send it, you may choose to forgo having someone else proofread it for typos.  Or that ends up being the weekend your water heater dies.  Or some other event that needs your attention….

The point is that you want to be ready with a current resume before you need to be ready.  I can help you get that updated resume so you are prepared when that next knock at the door occurs!  And, you won't have to spend the weekend rushing to get something completed.  As an extra check, I have a 3rd party review the final version so that you know you are getting the cleanest and clearest document possible.  Most importantly, this is easily done across the miles.  We can work via email and phone calls.  You can read more about my process and estimated time frames on my blog here.cup with pens highlighters scissors Image

This is the time to do it!  I will review your existing resume, discuss with you some concrete suggestions about how to strengthen it and then update it for your most recent roles.  Let's get started this weekend!

If you or someone you know is interested in a new or refurbished resume, contact me here or at my email Katie@

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